Merge multiple photos and videos into one clip

With Liquivid Video Improve

Want to combine your photos and footage into one single video?

This software merges files with just a few clicks!

What it does:

  • Easily merge videos (all formats) and photos (JPG, PNG, TIFF) into one output video
  • Choose display duration for photos
  • Add music soundtrack to output
  • Lots and lots of other video / photo editing tools like exposure and color controls, stabilization, fisheye (lens distortion) removal, sharpening and denoising, filters, etc.
  • Batch processing when exporting multiple files (not for merging)

What it doesn’t:

  • Animated title screens, fancy transitions and overlays
  • Waste your time and drain your wallet

…Or check out Liquivid Video Merge – a super-simple application doing only this one thing. It only works with videos (not photos) but it’s only $7!

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